English Intellectual Property Lawyer and partner at Gunnercooke LLP


Rosie Burbidge is a London based intellectual property lawyer. She helps her clients to develop, expand, exploit and enforce their rights. 

Rosie works with clients in industries like fashion and retail, gaming, internet of things, blockchain, wearables, publishing and education.

Rosie's book:
European Fashion Law was published in 2019 (Edward Elgar Publishing). 

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Rosie has worked with both large and small businesses on a variety of IP disputes including:

  1. Trade marks 

  2. Passing off 

  3. Designs 

  4. Copyright and confidential information 

  5. Patents 

  6. Format rights


Rosie has also managed various enforcement and anti-counterfeiting initiatives in both the digital and physical marketplaces for a variety of major brands.