A lost destiny of world of warcraft? Unlocking the hidden power of designs
1 September 2020 in Interactive Entertainment Law Review, Edward Elgar Publishing

Copyright protection is often unavailable for many game elements due to the dynamic nature of games where single still frames are automatically generated and consequently proving originality and copying can be challenging. Registered designs help fill this gap and are a powerful, but underused, weapon. This article explain how designs can be used by gaming companies and the issues that need to be considered before starting a filing programme and the impact of Brexit on everything – to the extent that this can be known in mid-2020.

Designs: The Forgotten IP Weapon
1 September 2019 in The Trademark Lawyer

Find out how designs are (& should be) considered as part of an IP framework

Using blockchain technology to manage IP rights
23 October 2018 in Lexis PSL

An introduction to blockchain technology and the ways in which it might be used to manage intellectual property rights.

See publication Using blockchain technology to manage IP rightsSee publication

The Blockchain is in Fashion
20 December 2017 in The Trademark Reporter

This commentary addresses how blockchain technology could be used in the fashion industry to help control the distribution chain, combat counterfeiting, track parallel imports and second-hand goods, provide real-time evidence of continued use of a mark, and maintain indisputable records of the timing and changes made during the design process.

This commentary is published in November/December Vol 107 No.6 issue of the International Trademark Association’s Trademark Reporter®.

Can a domain name combined with third-party adverts generated by Google AdSense result in a successful trade mark infringement claim?
5 June 2017 in Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice

The High Court of England and Wales held that third-party advertisements which appeared on a defendant’s website could not support a claim for trade mark infringement whether alone or in combination with a legitimate domain name.

Protecting product get-up via passing off: an IPEC update
23 January 2017 in Journal of Intellectual Property Law and Practice

A current awareness update on a recent decision of the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) which confirmed the difficulties in protecting a product’s get-up based on passing off alone.

H&M sued for infringing bra patent
12 November 2015 in The Fashion Law

H&M and patents tend to live in completely separate worlds. As of late, however, they have collided. Find out how and why in my article!

IP in China
1 June 2014 for Ukie
China is a new and largely untapped marketplace with over a billion potential customers. However, operating successfully in China depends on early analysis, and in some cases registration, of key intellectual property (IP) rights. Find out how to maximise your IP and avoid the risks in this article.