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Case Studies

Managing UK and international trade mark portfolios for a range of businesses from furniture to financial services

Rosie’s team works for number of insurance and banking clients providing ongoing IP strategy and advice, including filing and managing trade mark portfolios across a variety of subsidiaries and sub-brands based in the US.

Preventing phishing websites used in major fraud by initiating domain name proceedings via Nominet and UDRP

Domain name disputes are an excellent means of gathering intelligence on fraudulent sites and stopping websites that are used for the purposes of fraud. A recent example involves proceedings to recover a domain name was used in relation to a phishing attack which led to a significant fraud.

Managing US trade mark litigation for a major gaming company

Rosie’s team works for a variety of gaming clients providing ongoing IP strategy and advice, including filing and managing global trade mark portfolios which cover North America, Europe, Australia and parts of Asia, particularly China, Japan and South Korea. 


In addition to our regular work, we are currently assisting a key client with a US dispute regarding their internationally celebrated gaming app.

Helping an emerging clothing brand to ensure its brand name remains distinctive

One core issue for growing businesses consists of maintaining brand value by ensuring that conflicting trade marks are not registered. Rosie's team goes beyond the basics to providing strategic advice in relation to brand management, advertising, social media influencers and more. 

Brand protection

Rosie’s team is assisting a multinational electronics and technology manufacturing company in maintaining their brand reputation and enforcing their IP rights.


Most recently the team has assisted with trade mark infringement claims against online clothing and accessory retailers selling unlicensed branded merchandise.

Litigation in the UK and internationally to clarify the ownership of copyright, trade marks and a patent

Ownership of IP rights can be a highly contentious issues particularly where lines become blurred regarding what is within the scope of duties in distribution agreements and freelancer contracts. We litigate in the English court and work with our colleagues in other territories to ensure a seamless experience with consistent arguments.

Copyright and passing-off litigation for international fashion brands

Copyright and passing-off litigation for international fashion brands.

We work provide strategic advice for a variety of fashion businesses. This includes brand management and enforcement using unregistered rights. 


We are currently supporting a well known fashion house to prevent copies of their products being sold by their online competitors. We manage parallel litigation in other territories. 

Rosie is the most practical and straight forward lawyer in process/advice/billing I have ever met across any legal discipline - enjoy!

– Joe Adams, CFO Kepler Interactive
Filing registered designs in the UK and beyond

Registered designs can be a key enforcement tool particularly for the fashion, gaming and merchandising industries. We help identify the optimum designs to file, the relevant timeframe, strategy and work with international partners to ensure the designs move toward a prompt registration.

Absolute ground refusals based on descriptiveness and lack of distinctive character

Rosie’s team recently assisted an American coffee company with a trade mark dispute including threats of infringement, bad faith and related cancellation actions regarding the sale of premium coffee online and in-store. 

Managing UK and international trade mark portfolios for businesses ranging from luxury accommodation to a major financial services company

Rosie’s team provides strategic IP advice on the filing and management of trade marks and registered designs across the world. Rosie has developed a global network of excellent international partners who provide efficient and accurate advice and assistance on portfolio matters. She is always looking for the latest technology to improve data visualisation and assist her clients with managing their rights.

Design and copyright litigation for an international children’s toy designer

We recently assisted a children’s toy manufacturer with a dispute relating to various toy products.  


The case raised complex issues of designs and copyright as well as contractual interpretation. This was an important case in the context of UK unregistered design rights as it straddled the changes to the law regarding commissioning of design works which took place in 2014.

Passing off in relation to a seasonal greetings card

Defending against allegations of passing off in relation to the use of a similar greeting card concept.

Defending High Street brand against allegations of copyright infringement and passing off from a luxury goods brand

Rosie is known for her expertise in the fashion industry. She recently defended a well known High Street brand against allegations of copyright infringement and passing off.

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