Rosie has recently talked to Fashion Law Network about the key intellectual property differences in the UK and US. Available on Apple, Spotify and Backtracks. Rosie has also spoken about her career path and hopes for the future of law on the Legally Speaking podcast and appeared on Monocle Radio on several occasions including to talk about Anish Kapoor taking a patent licence in order to use Vantablack for his sculptures.


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Rosie has appeared in videos talking about everything from the intellectual property law basics to a detailed consideration of branding issues for brands and even a teach in on the various wonders of Microsoft Office!


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Major publications

The Blockchain is in Fashion

The Trademark Reporter (2017)

This commentary addresses how blockchain technology could be used in the fashion industry to help control the distribution chain, combat counterfeiting, track parallel imports and second-hand goods, provide real-time evidence of continued use of a mark, and maintain indisputable records of the timing and changes made during the design process.

This commentary is published in November/December Vol 107 No.6 issue of the International Trademark Association’s Trademark Reporter®.

Designs: The Forgotten IP Weapon

The Trademark Lawyer (2019)

Designs are poorly understood and often neglected rights. This lack of awareness and understanding presents an opportunity for the savvy IP practitioner. Find out how designs are (& should be) considered as part of an IP framework.

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Past events

Fashion Law London

Rosie Burbidge, author of European Fashion Law and Partner at Gunnercooke LLP is a co-founder of Fashion Law London together with Guilia Gasparin, Legal Counsel at River Island and Eleonora Rosati, Associate Professor in IP Law at the University of Stockholm. There have been many Fashion Law London events covering everything from blockchain to influencer marketing

Fashion Law London: The Virtual Update - 29 June - 1 July 2020

This Fashion Law London update was virtual (for obvious reasons!) It covered:

  • what fashion houses and those advising them need to be aware of even before devising relevant IP protection strategies.

  • what opportunities and strategies are available for the fashion industry at this uncertain time.

  • best practices to shape and adapt brands’ e-commerce strategy and practical tips to meet compliance while maximising revenue growth and containing costs.

Fashion Law London - Wednesday, 1 May 2019 

Attendees learned about:

  • Requirements for and scope of different IP rights

  • How to apply different IP rights in different practical scenarios

  • How to design effective IP protection strategies

  • How to set up a successful e-commerce strategy

  • How to deal effectively with different regulatory frameworks in the fashion sector

  • How to enforce effectively your rights, and how to defend yourself from third-party claims

  • How to set up a growth strategy and establish an international business

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