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We offer a full service in relation to the management and enforcement of intellectual property and related rights.


Trade Mark Management

  • We are trusted with a trade mark portfolios across diverse industries from fashion to fintech in the UK and around the world.

  • Fixed fees are available for each of the following on a one off or staged basis:

    • Trade mark filing 

    • Responding to Office Actions

    • Oppositions

    • Invalidity actions

    • Cancellation actions

    • Recordals

    • Renewals


IP Disputes

We are litigation experts working on everything from a simple copyright infringement action through to complex global litigation concerning multiple rights and evidence in a variety of languages and locations.


Recent cases include:

  • Copyright – Tecnolumen v Swivel UK

  • Trade marks – Diotima&Co v Kinetique Ltd t/a Ethica Diamonds (read about the ASA ruling here)

  • Unregistered design right – Brainstorm v Green Field Toys

  • Registered Designs – various confidential cases and invalidity actions 

  • Trade secrets -– confidential 

  • Passing off – ILR Safety v Safe-T-System


Brand Protection

  • Brands are one of the most valuable assets in any business

  • Stopping counterfeits and close copies, preventing scams which defraud customers and preventing the resale of unauthorised grey market goods and key issues

  • Managing online takedowns

  • Investigations into infringers

  • Customs recordals


IP Audits

Most businesses do not know what rights they hold or where the risk areas lie. An IP audit shines a light in these dark IP corners so you can plan for the future. Download and complete our free IP checklist to help identify the relevant issues for your business and identify the relevant scope.

An IP audit will help you to identify:
  • Opportunities for growing new revenue streams from licensing or sale of rights

  • Opportunities for increasing business value by registering key intellectual property rights

  • Risks from third parties with prior rights

  • Any infringers of your IP rights and strategies for overcoming them

  • Potential future IP clashes and ways to overcome them


The scope of an IP audit can include:
  • A call, presentation or memo to the board 

  • A full review of all registered rights

  • A trade mark, design and/or patent search

  • Details of the current status, opportunities and risk of key business IP rights

  • Analysis of key IP contracts such as licences

  • Domain name analysis


IP Strategy

Whether trade marks, designs, patents or (in some countries) copyright, we help you decide which rights to file, in what territories and when technology and social media mean that IP is in a constant state of flux. We help you manage your IP risks and maximise IP value.


IP Licensing

It’s important to get the right licences and licensing structure in place for your business – as you grow the optimum approach will also change so this should be regularly revisited.


Complimentary IP Checklist

More info:


We litigate on all areas of IP law including IP infringement, allegations of invalidity and disputes regarding IP licences and IP ownership

  • Filing in the UK and internationally 

  • Clearance searches

  • Watch services 

  • Recordals

  • Renewals

  • Filing in the UK and internationally 

  • Clearance searches

  • Watch services 

  • Recordals

  • Renewals 

  • Identification of relevant rights

  • Checking ownership status

  • Confirmatory assignments

  • Find out what rights you own

  • Identify gaps in registered rights

  • Identify potential risks with third party rights


Reduce the risk of an infringement claim by ensuring that your new brand or product is “cleared” prior to launch


Following business growth, investment and sale, the ownership and use of IP can quickly change. We ensure that these changes are correctly documented and updated on the register. 


Advertising and IP are closely linked. We help you stay the right side of advertising regulation, respond to ASA complaints or bring complaints against competitors who are copying you too closely


Bringing and defending UDRP and Nominet disputes either alone or as part of a wider enforcement strategy 

Rosie is a fantastic, commercially astute IP lawyer who always keeps her client’s best interests in mind. Organised, thorough and a delight to work with – she stands out on the market for her exemplary customer service. Not only is Rosie technically excellent, but she is also strategic in her approach, incredibly knowledgeable and her billing is simply perfect.”

– World Trademark Review

Want to work with Rosie?

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